OUR MISSION:To save and share stories that educate and inspire people of all ages, far and wide.

Since 2019, Surefooted Films, Inc. has been saving and sharing stories of people in our region who are not just a part of our local history….they MADE history in civil rights, social justice, community activism, peace, the military, and the environment. Their stories are posted under the ‘Interview Archives’ tab of our navigation bar. This archive is a vital part of our work. It’s our gift to you. For all time. For all people, young and old.

We are proud to announce- Part 1 of our three-part documentary series: Struggle. Triumph. Repeat… won ‘Best Short Documentary Film’ at the third Annual Albany Film Festival in April 2023. This event is sponsored by the New York State Writers Institute.

Work on Part 2 of this series- About The War in Vietnam… is in progress.

In January 2023 we became an official 501(c)(3) non-profit. (EIN # 92-1735968). Stay tuned to updates to meet our amazing Board of Directors and Advisory Board.

PLEASE press the ‘Donate’ button to make a tax-deductible gift. We need to raise $120,000 to do filming of veterans returning to Vietnam with Dr. Ed Tick, Ph.D.

One AMAZING WAY to help us is to let us tell YOUR life story with a generous donation of $3000. See samples of these stories when you click under ‘Life Stories’ on the navigation bar.

On behalf of ALL of us at Surefooted Films, Inc……Thank you!