Since 2019, Surefooted Films, has been filming interviews with area activists for our documentary film, The Activist Next Door: Part 1: The Civil Rights Era. The trailer for part 1 is on the Home Page. Part 2 will cover the Vietnam Era. Part 3 will look at local government, neighborhoods, and preservation of the Pine Bush.

An ever-growing archive of those interviews is not only a vital part of this website-It is our gift to YOU. It is a living, breathing, historical legacy. Celebrate with us their struggles and triumphs. Never forget: EACH of us, young and old, is a part of history.

That’s my dad at the top of the tree in our logo. It’s from an old photo we took in the 1960’s. With the help of spikes strapped on his work boots he climbs
with confidence. Arms spread wide-he welcomes you.

We welcome you and…..we need your help! All donations are tax deductible thanks to our fiscal sponsor, Fractured Atlas. Together we can complete Part 1 of the film in time for the Albany Film Festival at the University at Albany in April 2023.

Struggle, Triumph, REPEAT!
Producer/Director, Surefooted Films, LLC
Chris Howard